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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

There is nothing humorous about being stuck in poverty and people generalizing about you when they know nothing about you or your life, or your reasons for being in government subsidized programs that are supposed to help you but more often leave you trapped in a cycle of systemic abuse and extortion to keep well off people well off and labeled people subdued. Colonization created a hierarchy on this land through systematic abuse and forced poverty that has been fueled by that exact mentality, and those injecting "humor" into a situation that requires absolutely none, but rather compassion and support, is the reason that systemic abuse, racism, labeling, and generalizing of people to keep a lower class docile and submissive continues to line the wealthy pockets of the abusers that keep them there. Making jokes about people who are suffering is never right, and neither is generalizing a people on your assumptions. To those who would stand to say I do not know of what I speak to, please, sit down. It is likely that you too are among those who make jokes about those less fortunate, and generalizing people whom you know nothing about, simply because of the fact that you are more well off than them, so allow me to lay this on the proverbial "Table" for you. I live in government subsidized housing, and you are generalizing, assuming, making jokes, and grouping people you know nothing about into your view of something you have no clue about. I know families in the housing units you speak of who do more for their communities and their kids than many who are well off and could afford to use large portions of their disposable income to help many poverty stricken people in their communities better themselves but they would rather spend it on toys, and frivolous crap that is by no means a necessity, all while being paid top dollar to keep the very people they are supposed to be helping stuck in a cycle of poverty because they are afraid that without those in poverty, they might not have a paycheck. And before you judge, I get paid well below minimum wage to do more jobs than the average person, and several volunteer jobs that community members frequently say is not a "Real Job" or "Real Work" but not one of them would step up to do what I do for less than 35$ an hour, and most of the jobs I do, are rated at starting wages ranging between 30 and 40 dollars an hour. I have been homeless, I have lived on streets, in tents, in cars, and on peoples couches who had more respect for their fellow human. Your assumptions and generalizing, and "jokes" about people who are often trapped in a forced cycle of poverty by the very people and organizations that are tasked to help them climb out of poverty who must utilize government assistance programs does nothing help, but rather, blatantly shows your privilege and how little you really care about those less fortunate than you. So a final note to those whose pockets are full, tables are overflowing, and are living the "Canadian Dream" of a cushy, well paid nine to five with all the amenities, taking paid holidays every year, and buying your kids all the toys the other kids cant afford, I say to you... Why not use your voice to fight for those who have been kept under foot since the days of kings, rather than cracking jokes to "look cool in front of your king". And to those reading this that simply #KnowTheStruggle ... Are you caught in a vicious cycle where it is a constant struggle to get ahead because everything you do to try to gain footing is only met with more costs tacked on by the very people and organizations that are tasked to help you climb out of poverty in some of the lowest paid, and and most remote communities in Northern Canada? We want to hear from you! We want to share your stories and struggles!

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